Anna Karina

Взгляды, эмоции, переживания, меланхолия, сексуальность, безысходность...глубина актерской игры,все это-Анна Карина!
Sights, emotions, experiences, melancholy, sensuality, hopelessness... Depth of the actor's game, all this is Anna Karina!
Роковая брюнетка снялась в нескольких десятках кинофильмов, четырежды побывала замужем, выучила пять языков и написала четыре романа.
The fatal brunette has acted in many films, was married four times, has learned five languages and has written four novels.
...Но в истории кино навсегда осталась музой раннего Жана-Люка Годара...
....But in the history of cinema she forever remained as an early Jean Paul Godard's muse...

" She may not be as well known as some movie icons, but Anna Karina, queen of French cinema's New Wave, is arguably the most enchanting woman ever to hit celluloid. All bangs and black cat-eyes, she might be described as the art-house brunette to Bardot's blonde bombshell. "

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