find out one more NIKITA's video
it seems to me really impressive by the style and fashion  view
and ofcourse very sexy as previous
check it out
but really not on the same level as video


this girls really rocks
i think such bodies and sexy essence must be shown
in this way it makes me watch it again and again
and i really like hair and make up
about outfit can't say will see*

Autumn inspire.

photo by Katya Voronchihina
place-near old "green theater".Moscow.

L`ame stram gram*Inspiration

Poichè non scorgevo in tutta la terra alcun posto che mi convenisse,
decisi allegramente che non mi sarei mai fermato in nessun posto.
Mi votai all'inquietudine.
Quanto alla sincerità,vi aspiravo fin dall'infanzia.

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