A Room with a View

Don't you agree that, on one's first visit to Florence, one must have a room with a view? 

Юная и очаровательная Хелен Бонэм-Картер, чувственные книги,
 флорентийская живопись, манерный жених, ложь самой себе... Удивительно красивое, качественное и талантливо исполненное кино.

' Smell! A true Florentine smell. Inhale, my dear. Deeper! Every city, let me tell you, has its own smell.'

' What is it about Italy that makes lady novelists reach such summits of absurdity? '

A young girl, transfigured by Italy! And why shouldn't she be transfigured? It happened to the Goths! ' 


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