...Tout petit, petit, bikini .

Шляпа куплена в шляпном магазинчике в Casteglione della Pescaia
Купальник со змеиной расцветкой Melissa Odabash
Купальник белый H&M
Накидка Retrouver...Любовь с первого взгляда
La bohème, la bohème
Ça voulait dire tu es jolie
La bohème, la bohème
Et nous avions tous du génie

Розовые  No name
белые Gazel
Золотые Havaianas
(Отправила друга за шлепками,так он зная мою любовь к бантикам,попросил сделать вот такие вот на заказ)
сумки H&M

Туника Janjana Paris
Сумка в единственном экземпляре,ручной работы (салома/кружево/кожа)

Купальник H&M
Купальник Diana Von Furstenberg

Купальник H&M


  1. Hi Anna,

    I am a French blogger leaving in Milan and a Russian friend of mine (Victoria) told me about your blog.

    It is extremely pretty and I love its poetry and pictures. Well done! I just started mine which is mainly on Italy and style but also on travels as I travel quite a bit. If you ever want to check it out and leave me any "expert" comment, that's be cool. And if you do go to Milan or Paris (I do come home quite a bit), I'll be very happy to meet too.

    Kiss for now.


  2. Hi!
    Thank u for ur comment!
    I checked out ur blog and i like it!
    Its very vivid and interesting!And u are very pretty girl,and i'll love to meet u !
    Let's keep in touch!


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